How do you choose a REALTOR®?

8-Week Marketing Plan

Any experienced REALTOR® can provide you with point-of-entry service—in other words the services you should expect from a professional, including confidentiality, helping you set a competitive price, advice on preparing your home to show to its best advantage, researching title and survey, preparing listing documentation, listing on MLS, showing the property, and negotiating with buyers.

How will you market my home?

If you’re selling a home on Bowen Island, the most important thing to ask your REALTOR® is, “How will you market my home?” This is especially important on Bowen Island because there is a high probability that  the buyer will come from off-island, be that Metro-Vancouver, or even Calgary or Toronto. My proprietary marketing system is called the Rhodes on Bowen 8-Week Marketing Plan

The 9 second challenge: The marketing industry suggests we now have just 9 seconds to grab someone’s attention (that’s the attention span of a goldfish…)—9 seconds to ‘interrupt’ them long enough to deliver our message. And because “facts tell but stories sell” we’ll craft a story around your home. 

Collaboration: I say ‘we’ because this is a collaborative process involving your history and insights to help identify the ideal customer and my background in graphics, copywriting and storytelling to present the story we want your home to tell. The template for your story starts with the Rhodes on Bowen Seller's HomeWork

Social media: The effectiveness, economy, and geographic reach of social media—especially Facebook—is unparalleled. It allows us to specifically target the prospective buyer most likely to be interested in your home based on income, interests, age, location, and other demographic markers. We can market as easily in Toronto or Seattle as in Metro or on Bowen Island. And unlike traditional print advertising, we get immediate feedback which we can then refine to create an ever more targeted approach. We start building your story at the first interview. 

Rhodes on Bowen Seller's Home Work

Many folks looking for a REALTOR® to list their home are not aware of recent changes that prevent a listing REALTOR® from also representing a prospective buyer unless the buyer chooses to represent themselves, which a listing REALTOR® should discourage.

Get your listing off of Bowen and in front of the marketplace most likely to have interest - on the mainland

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