About Bowen Island

Bowen Island: A decade of change

Posted on Jan 13, 2018 in About Bowen Island

Occasionally I hear folks talking about how much Bowen has changed, so I thought I’d try and quantify that change by comparing the 2006 and the 2016 census—with some references to the 2011 census—and in the process maybe explain some of the perceived changes. (The infographics are PNG files and will show full size if you click on the 'pop-out' symb...

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10 Reasons Why

Posted on Oct 07, 2017 in About Bowen Island

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Bowen Island: a unique and entirely desireable real esate market

Posted on Sep 29, 2017 in About Bowen Island

BOWEN ISLAND is a unique market for real estate. We have a very broad spectrum of age, quality, style, location and value of housing across a limited inventory of homes, as demonstrated by the current MLS® active listings for Bowen.

Listings range from $22.998,000 to $535,000, which is comparable to the range of detached homes listed across communi...

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